Getting started and getting paid as an adult affiliate

This post is hopefully the first in the series where I backtrack my journey as an adult affiliate, back to the start. The first thing you need is to find out how you can get paid in your country. The ways I recommend to get paid are First Choice Pay (Was Payoneer) and Paxum. When I applied for my First Choice Card back in 2012, I was not aware of Paxum as the main program I wanted to promote (AWE) only paid out via First Choice. If you are an affiliate, small studio or just promoting cams in adult you only really need a First Choice card. However after a few months of building sites and getting involved in other parts of the adult ecosystem you will get stuck and find that you really do need Paxum to get paid by these programs.

You need to be careful now in 2017 to not sign up for Payoneer, as that brand no longer is adult friendly. So avoid following affiliate links on older outdated blogs and guides and getting a card that will essentially be useless. I would always sign up with say AWE and apply for the First Choice Card through them. That way it gets automatically linked and setup to the affiliate program, but also you can relax and know you will be sent the right card.

I will be applying for a Paxum card soon, and document the process here and requirements on my blog. For First Choice Pay I wasn’t asked for much I don’t think, a proof of address and ID (I provided my passport) This could have changed, let me know your experiences on that.

First Choice Pay vs Paxum

You will have a lot of people debating on forums and taking sides over these two payment companies. I would like to say that I have not had any problems with First Choice Pay, when my card was close to expiring a message pops up in your account page and you click to be sent a new one. When it arrives just activate it and your old card gets closed and the balance transferred across smoothly. There are various representatives active on many forums and available by email to answer your questions and help with your card.

Limitations with First Choice Pay

As much as I love the card, I can be honest about its limits. I’m not talking about daily withdrawal limit or anything like that (the limit is $5000 a day as stated at First Choice Pay Support Center here) The most frustrating limitations of the card are:

  • Unable to pay other people if they apply for the card, unless they are receiving payments to the card
  • Not all adult affiliate programs have First Choice Pay as a payment method


As I do not yet have a Paxum card, I can not tell you much about it other than they have more adult affiliate programs under their belt, and you can easily pay people who have the card, regardless of if they are not receiving payments via the card. For example if you had a team working for you, or models you could get them a Paxum card then pay them via that. I will update this post once I have my Paxum card.

That is it for this post for now, I feel this post is important to start because I have seen it too often that people have started promoting adult offers, got to the payout then got stuck and have to wait an extra month because they did not bother to apply for a card to get paid. So before even considering affiliate programs or anything else, make sure you can get paid first!

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