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Times change, offers die out and payment methods unfortunately come and go. As an adult affiliate you have to be quite savvy as getting paid isn’t quite as straight forward as other mainstream offers. Hopefully one day this will change but for the last 8 years I have been an affiliate there has been a few disruptions and I have gone through 3 different ways of getting paid in that time. If you don’t want to read my experience with adult payment services you can skip to the bottom to see the two options I recommend.

A Brief history of payment services

I started out my journey as an adult affiliate in 2012. I wanted to promote some models I was working with so I started doing some research. I found that to promote LiveJasmin you needed to be an affiliate with AWEmpire. So I signed up to them, in the process just I saw that I could get paid via Payoneer which at the time suited me, you could use a debit card that you sort of “topped up” on their page and also a bonus was at this time I could even reload my PayPal onto it (This feature didn’t last long, but it was good while it lasted). Eventually Payoneer decided for whatever reason to kill adult from its brand and setup First Choice Pay.

Smooth Sailing

I enjoyed my relationship with Payoneer and First Choice Pay until around Late March/April 2018 when rumours started that choice bank that is involved in processing transactions for them was having issues. Thankfully I withdrew all my money before this happened and applied early to ePayService who literally moved so quick to get me setup and shipped me a debit card, unfortunately because of my home country the card was in euros which was a bit frustrating as a lot of sponsors at the time only paid out in USD.

The ePayService card was very good, I reached enough volume that I was able to apply to have my limits raised and I used this card for quite some time. I didn’t mind too much the fact I had to convert from USD to Euros, and AWEmpire switched to paying out via Euros anyway as did some other partners I receive money from. The problem actually came randomly, in the location I was staying the card stopped working at my favourite ATM which allowed me to withdraw a considerable amount of money in one withdrawal, which worked out faster, easier and cheaper because you get charged per withdrawal.

It might have only been a temporary thing but I jumped ship to Paxum at this point as I had to pay people in cash and not being able to use my regular ATM was an issue.

Life With Paxum

Paxum was also affected by some similar disruptions in the industry, and for a while I had to use a temporary card they issued while they were searching for a longer term partner bank to issue the payments.

Recently Wirecard, the bank who provide the service for Paxums Prepaid Card that I am using have been involved in a scandal. For a while the cards were frozen but now have been unfrozen I am not sure if there’s going to be more issues in the future.

I am currently using the Paxum Prepaid Card (SEPA) to withdraw my payments from various sponsors that I promote. This card is in USD which is mostly fine for me at the moment only one of my partners pays me out in EUROS. You can get paid via these payment services to your bank, there are fees involved but this could be better for you depending on your situation.

Paxum vs ePayService

I personally think it depends on your situation and country, you should probably sign up to both and see which one suits you best. Paxum certainly has the edge with the amount of sponsors it supports, I do see ePayService being added to more places recently. More recently, I reached out to ePayService earlier in the year and they told me that I can get a USD card for $12, I think to get this done when you sign up you just have to email support asking for a USD Currency card and have enough balance for that to go through.

Sign up

ePayServicePaxum logo

I recommend you sign up to both, you never know when something in this industry will change or you may spot a juicy new offer which only pays out via one of the two. It is free to sign up and I think you will only get charged if you activate a card and start receiving payments on each platform. If you have any questions about either platform or need more information feel free to reach out to me or write down in the comments below.

That is it for this post for now, I think it is important to keep up to date with what is going on in the industry so you are always getting paid.  So before even considering affiliate programs or anything else, make sure you can get paid first!

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